Monday, June 4, 2007

Bachelors and Babies

Jeramy and I had a good...nearly relaxing...weekend. While we had things to do there was nothing urgent and I never felt rushed all weekend. By the same token my house is still a mess, my grass is a little long, and I have a sinking feeling that we'll pay for all of this relaxation later. Oh well!

We went to a combined bachelor/bachelorette party on Saturday evening at the Yardarm pub, which is in the heart of Des Moines only a couple miles from our house. It is quite the "classy" establishment. Anyhow, I am not sure that I understood the whole point behind a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. I mean isn't the whole purpose of such a party to allow the bride and groom to be one last night of fun as a single person? So to have a party together seems to defeat the whole "single" aspect of it. It really just makes for a big gathering of friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding (which is next weekend). It is sort of like an engagement party at a bar or the wedding pre-function a week early. In any case, here is a before and after shot of Clint, the bachelor in this case...

On Sunday, I went to our friend Jen's baby shower. Please note that I have many friends with the name Jen and in this case it is Matt's Jen. They are having a little boy due on Jeramy's birthday, August 1st. I have to say that it amazes me how much gear can be purchased to go along with a baby. This simply puts the accessory options for Jeramy's Harley to shame. Everything was seriously cute, Jen is looking fantastic, and the new baby is sure to be loved very much. Here is a pic of some of the girls afterwards. The preggo is the gal in the yellow.

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